Membership Categories

FULL: No Restrictions. Full access to the tee, including all weekend hours, and all Club Sponsored Tournaments and Leagues.

LIMITED: Full access, except before 12:00 noon on Weekends/Holidays. Access to all Non-Major Club Sponsored Golf Tournaments and Leagues.

INTERMEDIATE: Individuals that are 35 years of age or less as of October 1st. A discounted rate on the Full or Limited Membership is provided.

JUNIOR: Full access mid-week and after 1:00 pm on Weekends/Holidays. Access to PGA JR League and Clinics.

  • Dependent Junior: Must be a child or grandchild of a Member and less than 21 years old by Oct 1st.
  • Level I: Must be less than 23 years old by Oct 1st.
  • Level II: Must be less than 26 years old by Oct 1st.

DEPENDENT: Full and Limited Members can add one of our Dependent Family (children under 14), or Spouse memberships. These memberships provide a great value and options for the entire family.

CORPORATE : The ability to reserve two weekday foursomes in advance every week to allow you to entertain your customers. 

One of these offerings is sure to be right for you!