As a member owned and operated club the clubs facilities are yours to use. There are no tennis courts, pickleball courts or swimming pools, our facilities are all Golf and Social.

The 3 social gathering areas are, the bar, the dining room and the patio. Each has a unique feel. All 3 allow you to enjoy your beverage of choice and select from the menu's available that day.

The Bar:- Historically a golf bar FCC is now proud to boast a bar that on any given day has a 50:50 balance of male and female patrons. It is informal and often loud, and the conversation is usually about the worst 3 putt induced by FCC's perfect greens that day.

The Patio:- The patio area was build through member donations to crate an outside environment to hang out for 8+ months of the year. Food and Beverage service is provided from the turn hut or bar. It is everyone's first stop as they go on and off the course and it provides the ability to connect with everyone in the club.

The Dining Room:- A silver service area within the club used for club events and used by a lot of members during Friday night dinners which run all year round, allowing Chef Tim to treat us to his chef's menu.