In the early 1950's, the Foxboro Company was a worldwide producer of industrial controls, employing over 1,100 workers. It also had an active four-ball golf league. But with the popularity of golf on the rise, the league was having difficulty finding tee times at existing courses. Company golfers began to ask an ambitious question: Can we build a golf course?

In the Spring of 1953 a committee was formed to investigate. Under the leadership of Chairman Bud Dudley, the committee researched costs, land availability and potential support for a new golf course. After consulting with area courses and the Massachusetts Golf Association, the committee concluded that the endeavor was realistic. The vision was for a "modest 9-hole course without frills or expensive luxuries." Ben and Rex Bristol of the Foxborough Company offered the company's support, financial and otherwise. With the committee's favorable report, the vision was beginning to take shape.

imgFoxborough Country Club came into existence on July 18, 1955, when papers of incorporation were signed. Committees were formed to find and survey the land and to finance and oversee construction.

FCC was lucky to have an energetic leader in Claude Young, FCC's first President. Mr. Young led a dedicated crew of volunteer members that began the task of building the course. This hard-working crew adopted a nickname: the "rock pickers". Noted golf course architect Geoffrey Cornish was hired to lay out a nine-hole design.

A formal ground-breaking ceremony took place in September 1955. Former US Speaker of the House of Representatives Joseph P. Martin Jr. of North Attleboro was on hand to turn the first shovel of dirt. Private contractors were hired to assist in construction, but much of the demanding hard work was performed by the "rock pickers". Among the many tasks included clearing land, building a modest clubhouse, and removing the seemingly endless amount of rocks from the fairways. 

Check out this video of the original construction, thanks to the Anderson family

After months of hard work and a few setbacks, the new 9-hole course opened with a tournament on June 1, 1957. The first foursome consisted of Claude Young, Ben Bristol, George Wilder, and State Senator John F. Parker of Taunton, the latter an enthusiastic golfer who was considered a good friend to the fledgling golf course.

The "original nine" consisted of the holes we now know as 1-16-17-18-10-6-7-8-9, which were played in that order. After a little more than a decade, it was decided to add a second nine holes. Most of this work was performed by the firm of Hall and Lindsey of New York. Like the original, the second nine holes were designed by Geoffrey Cornish. The second nine created the 18-hole layout we know today. It opened for play in 1971.

Other notable upgrades followed, including: a new clubhouse (1980); a modern irrigation system (1988); a new cart barn and expanded driving range (1999); a tee restoration project (2001); and a clubhouse expansion that gave us a new function room (2008).  The past decade has brought us multiple improvements to the clubhouse, outdoor seating area and the golf course. 

From its humble roots, Foxborough Country Club has matured into a premier 18-hole golf course. As we enter our seventh decade and continue to carry out the vision of our founders, the future remains bright and promising.