Membership Categories

One of the great things about Foxborough Country Club is that we offer a wide variety of membership opportunities. These are designed to meet the needs of various players.

The membership offerings are built off a traditional set of programs:

  • Full Membership - the lifeblood of our club, all access

  • Limited Individuals - those willing to play at fewer times and in turn pay less dues

  • Family Memberships - incentives for family members who want to belong

  • Senior Memberships - discounted rates in recognition of our this important group

  • Corporate Memberships - incentives for several players from the same workplace

There is a modest initiation fee and the opportunity to acquire a Certificate. More details on some of these programs are below.

We also offer a great opportunity for those who aren’t sure how joining the country club will fit into their lives:

  • Trial Membership

One of these offerings is sure to be right for you! We even stagger the membership pricing depending on the time of year you join. To learn more about any of these offerings, call our Pro Shop, complete the following, or email

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Golf Privileges: No Restrictions.  Access to all Club Sponsored Tournaments and Leagues. 

Guest Privileges: 4/1-6/30 - 1 guest prior to 10:30 am, 3 guests after 10:30 am.  After 7/1 No Restrictions.   

Limited MembershipS

Golf Privileges: Full access except before 12:00 noon on Weekends/Holidays.  Access to All Leagues, Non-Major Club Sponsored Golf Tournaments and the Club Championship.

Guest Privileges: No Restrictions.

Junior MembershipS

Golf Privileges: Full access except before 1:00 pm on Weekends/Holidays.  Access to PGA JR league and Clinics.  Juniors are limited to 1 guest. 

Level I:  Must be less than 23 years of age by October 1st.

Level II: Must be less than 26 years of age by October 1st.  

corporate memberships

Same Access and Privileges as Full Membership.  Requires a minimum of 3 members, cannot exceed 5 members.