Membership Opportunities


Foxborough Country Club provides an exceptional value, coupled with a wide variety of membership opportunities for all ages. One of the unique things about FCC is that on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the prime golf season, Foxborough has the feel of a fully private club, with public access only as a member guest. At other times during the week, public play is permitted, which helps reduce member fees. Here is a summary of the membership categories:


No Restrictions. Full access to the tee, including all weekend hours, and all Club Sponsored Tournaments and Leagues.


Full access, except before 12:00 noon on Weekends/Holidays.  Access to all Non-Major Club Sponsored Golf Tournaments and Leagues.


Individuals that are 35 years of age or less as of October 1st. Discount on Full or Limited Membership.


Full access mid-week and after 1:00 pm on Weekends/Holidays. Access to PGA JR League and Clinics.

●      Level I:  Must be less than 23 years of age by October 1st.

●      Level II: Must be less than 26 years of age by October 1st.


Full and Limited Members can add one of our Dependent Family, Spouse or Junior memberships. These memberships provide a great value and options for the entire family. 

Trial Year

A new Full or Limited Member can select to have their 1st year be a Trial year. This allows the member to experience Foxborough CC without committing to the club long term.  This is a great option for golfers looking to see if club membership is right for them.


Full or Limited Corporate Memberships are available. Requires a minimum of 3 members, and cannot exceed 5 members.

One of these offerings is sure to be right for you! 


The cost of Membership varies based on the time of year, age and the type of Membership.  Foxborough CC has a modest initiation fee (none for trial, corporate, or junior/intermediate memberships), a minimal annual food requirement, and a minimal annual capital expenditure fund.  To learn more about any of these offerings, call our Pro Shop, complete the following, or email

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